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Why use a freelance content writer?

You're smart. You have your own business, and you know all about the benefits of content marketing. What you don't have is time to keep producing content that:

Builds brand awareness
Converts visitors to leads, and leads to customers
Supports or boosts your customer service strategy
Provides genuine value and help to your customers

As a freelance content writer, I can help you by providing you with great content that supports all your content marketing goals. As a professional content writer, I will take care of all the research, writing and other tasks associated with producing great content, leaving you to manage your business and content marketing strategy. Using a freelance content writer means that you:

  • Never have to worry about employee benefits, training, and all the other complications that come with hiring employees.
  • Can increase the number of posts you publish.
  • Benefit from the unique perspective, and knowledge, that professional content writers have.
  • Can focus on strengthening your content marketing strategy.
  • Can introduce new types of content that you don't have the ability to produce yourself.

Of course, getting all of this depends on you finding a content writer who is self-managed, reliable, and produces error free content. Someone like me.

You can learn more about me, and the way I work, here, or jump straight in and contact me to enquire about my rates and availability. Because I do all my own writing and research, I usually work with a small roster of clients, but this does not preclude me from considering new projects - both short-term and long-term.

Actual Sales & Marketing Experience

I worked in retail for more than 20-years and spent more than half of those in a senior management role. This gave me hands-on experience with many of the disciplines I now write about. But my writing is not only balanced against what I learned as a retail manager, but also what I know as a customer.

This is an important perspective since the primary goal of your content marketing should be to benefit and help your customers, with your business benefiting as a follow-on goal.

I prefer covering topics relating to marketing, small businesses and social media; and while I am willing to write on a range of topics, I will never accept an assignment when I feel I lack knowledge in the subject.

Sales & Marketing Experience
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Detailed Research & Analysis

Facts might not matter too much in political campaigns (and careers), but in business accurate data still trumps assumption. Which is why I thoroughly research each topic I am assigned, even if it is one I have written about many times before. However, I don't only research any data referenced in my articles, but also any processes, best practices, and trends that I might write about - because these all change frequently. And it is important that all your articles include the latest information when they are first published.

And your older articles that now - unintentionally - contain old, inaccurate information?

They can always be updated to include the latest information, without needing to be rewritten.

Meeting Your Deadlines, Everytime

The Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams includes the oft-quoted line "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.", and it is admittedly a funny line, until you end up working with someone who lives by it. Your content marketing strategy depends on deadlines being met, so you need to know that any content writers you hire are sticklers for deadlines.

My reputation is built on not only delivering great content, but on delivering it on time, all the time. Leaving you with one less task to worry about, while you go about ensuring your other marketing strategy deadlines are met.

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  • I worked with Chris on a campaign around 12 months ago and I was seriously impressed with his approach to copy. He produced some great content for the campaign that I was working on that contributed largely to the overall success. I'd highly recommend working with Chris.

    Matthew Barby - Wyatt International (Buildfire campaign)
  • Although Chris lives at the other side of the world, working with him was a pleasure. He always delivered well researched, top-notch content. He also never missed a deadline and was really flexible in terms of the topics we needed to cover on our blog. If you're looking for an experienced writer, Chris is the right man to hire.

    Krystian Włodarczyk - Positionly